Friday, 30 September 2016

Online Flipbook Software to Convert PDFs into Online Flipbooks

Flipbook is definitely an interactive and responsive treatment for present traditional print books on desktop and mobile phones.  Nowadays even if you're not a professional flipbook publisher, you are able to create your own stunning flipbooks online with appropriate online flipbook software AnyFlip.
AnyFlip was designed to convert your static PDFs into interactive online flipbooks, that's suitable to get read on PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone and Android mobile devices.  If you want to drive more engagement to your flipbooks’ contents making them distribute immediately, than the free online flipbook creator is a great partner to suit your needs.
Convert PDFs into Flipbooks Online
AnyFlip online publishing platform enables you to create online flipbooks with page-flipping effect in seconds. The realistic page flip effect makes your flipbooks seem like a print issue in digital. The links, table of contents and bookmarks inside your original PDF may be imported into your new flipbook too. Most importantly, you do have a quicker access for a flipbooks without waiting in time loading your flipbooks.

Design Unique Flipbooks’ Contents
Whether you need to share your daily life experience, branding stories or business information in your flipbooks, AnyFlip can meet all your requirements. You can make your explanation or story vivid by adding videos, audios, image slideshows, flashes and other animated media. At the same time, if you need to promote your brand within your flipbooks, it permits you to insert your logo in virtually every part of your flipbooks.

Share Flipbooks Freely
Instead of distributing your print books one by one, your internet flipbooks might be shared at the earliest opportunity on PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone and Android mobile devices. For one thing, you are able to share your internet flipbooks via social websites (Facebook, twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc), email and QR code. For another, embedding your flipbooks in your website or blog directly is yet another widely used approach to make them reach more readers.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Best Flip Book Maker for Attractive Magazine Publishing

Best Flip Book Maker for Attractive Magazine Publishing
To grab anyone's attention, an engaging magazine plays an extremely important role with your online market. AnyFlip can be a best flip book maker for magazine publishing, presenting your magazine in a very comprehensive and effective way.

Convert PDF to Flipbook in Minutes
As you know, printed books are restricted by the static texts, images along with elements, which ends up in more and more people often read online books. AnyFlip, a best flip book maker, converts your static PDF into dynamic flip book quickly without any programming skill, which engages more readers. Even you're beginner; you could make your own magazine easily through the help of AnyFlip.

Offer Well-designed Templates and Themes for Magazine Publishing
The secret of arising the users' interest on your content is its unique and wonderful design. However, it will require you a lot of your time and efforts to complete the design. Never mind, AnyFlip solves your problems through providing well-designed templates and themes for magazine publishing.

It provides great freedom to decide on the one that meets the needs you have. Of course, discover satisfied with the design and style, you are able to customize it as you would like. Meanwhile, it's going with a pack of instinctive features, you might have enough options to make the most of them.

Provide 24/7 lifetime support service.
AnyFlip is built that has a drag-and-drop interface, navigating you in the user-friendly way. So, it allows you to reach your main goal step by step. Basically, you won't ever meet problems operating. However, if you've any question and concern, please contact the c's responsible for it.

Not only perform developers of AnyFlip take note of the quality of the products, and also they attach great importance on the support service. Any question about AnyFlip are going to be welcome.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Install Kodi using ES File Explorer’s Download Manager

 Method 1:  Install Kodi using ES File Explorer’s Download Manager

(UPDATED: #1 Easiest Install EVER!)  No longer the best method (ES File Explorer not available in FireTV appstore).

Update #2 (July 31st, 2016):

This method still works, but ONLY in case you first SIDELOAD ES File Explorer on your Firestick using our “Sideload Kodi to Firestick” guide, then follow this method.  Sideloading ES File Explorer to put in Kodi is redundant (as you are can just sideload Kodi to start with) – nevertheless, you can STILL sideload ES File Explorer on your Firestick when you want – then utilize the “old” install method below to work with ES File Explorer’s Download Manager to download the link below.
Make sure you enable Apps from Unknown sources on the FireTV.  If you don’t, visit Settings > Developer Options > Enable Apps from Unknown Sources
Use your FireTV to set up ES File Explorer from Amazon AppStore.
Open ES File Explorer in your FireTV
Press “TOOLS” around the left side menu of ES File Explorer.  Then head over to Download Manager.  Then using the Firestick remote, move the cursor so it’s choosing MENU button on the Download Manager screen (the menu button really should have 3 lines).  Once you press the MENU button inside Download manager, Add the url below because the download by inputting these address into your Path field (the address just isn't case sensitive, btw)

After inputting the Download link into ES File Explorer’s Download Manager, you'll give your own Download a reputation.  Any name will perform – “ddl” works fine.  Give it a brand and press Next.  While Kodi is downloading, enjoy some popcorn.
Once the download finishes, click Open File from the inside of ES File Explorer.  20160530_140211
Your FireTV will say “Please wait while loading file..”.  Then the screen will turn black, show the Kodi logo from the upper left corner, and ask when you want to setup (or update) your Kodi.  Choose INSTALL!

Wait for Kodi to setup.  You might launch Kodi by pressing Home on your own FireTV remote, then likely to System > Applications > Manage Installed Applications > Kodi > Launch Application.
Once Kodi is installed in your FireTV, launch Kodi by about to Settings > Apps > Installed Apps > Kodi > Launch.

(Optional) Once you’ve launched Kodi, install and this TV Addons!  Stream on.
*** WARNING: Some of your Kodi addons might be blocked!  To guarantee unrestricted entry to all Kodi addons, use IPVanish.  Here’s a 60% off coupon available exclusively to KFireTV visitors only :).  The IPVanish service will help you view all blocked content and stop your Internet Service Provider from throttling your connection.  Privacy advisory: Additionally, IPVanish can keep your online presence private plus your streaming data secure – which means your ISP won’t spy on your own streaming data, throttle your connection, block you of streams, or deny you service.
See what TVs and flicks are playing on Kodi & Netflix at our sister site: – The Streaming TV Guide.
(Optional) Use a Fire TV Launcher for instance FiredTV or AppStarter (formerly Firestarter).
If you've trouble with this technique (Method #1):

Try Method #2 below!  Method #2 below is similar basic process, but runs on the different a part of ES File Explorer to download Kodi (through ES File Explorer’s stripped down browser display they call the “Favorites”).

 Method 2:  Install Kodi using ES File Explorer’s “Favorites”

(UPDATED: 2nd Easiest Install EVER!)

Note:  Many FireTV users report significantly better overall performance using their company FireStick when working with a Samsung phone charger instead on the stock Amazon Fire TV Power Adapter.
For other firestick performance tips see our Fire TV Buffering Fix guide.
Make sure you might have Apps from Unknown sources enabled with your FireTV.  If you don’t, check out Settings > Developer Options > Enable Apps from Unknown Sources
Use your FireTV to fit ES File Explorer from Amazon AppStore.
Open ES File Explorer in your FireTV
Press “Add” around the left side under “Favorite”.  Then press the guts button for the FireTV remote to input this address in the Path field (the address is just not case sensitive, btw):
After inputting the Path, you might be prompted to give a new “Favorite” a title.  Any name can do – “kftv” works fine.  Give it an identity and press Next.
Press Add to finish adding this as being a Favorite.
Find “Favorite” inside left side menu and Open the brand new item (whatever you decide and named it – we used “kftv”).  This will launch’s tailor made Kodi for FireTV Download Page inside ES File Explorer main window!
Thanks Louise!  Thank someone to our user, Louise, for letting us understand the previous Path we listed here (on hasn't been working properly.  We solved this by creating your own Kodi Download Page made JUST for the FireTV).
  Use your FireTV remote to click on the button or even the download link on our Kodi Download Page for FireTV.
Once the download finishes, click Open File from the inside of ES File Explorer.  20160530_140211
Your FireTV will say “Please wait while loading file..”.  Then the screen will turn black, show the Kodi logo inside the upper left corner, and ask in the event you want to fit (or update) your Kodi.  Choose INSTALL!
Wait for Kodi to set up.  You are able to launch Kodi by pressing Home on your own FireTV remote, then likely to System > Applications > Manage Installed Applications > Kodi > Launch Application.
Once Kodi is installed with your FireTV, launch it by about to Settings > Apps > Installed Apps > Kodi > Launch.
(Optional) Once you’ve launched Kodi, install some good TV Addons!  Stream on.
(Optional) Use a Fire TV Launcher for instance FiredTV or FireStarter.
If you could have trouble with this procedure:

The next easiest way to set up Kodi burning TV is to make use of a sideloader app like Apps2Fire or AGK Fire.

To install Kodi using this technique, just purchase an Android device, install one on the above-mentioned sideloader apps towards the Android device, open the sideloader app, connect for a FireTV (after enabling Developer mode), install Kodi around the Android device, then select Kodi > Install through the sideloader app screen.

The video below (“Kodi Easiest Install”) is no longer the perfect way to Install kodi on firestick
.  The proper way now is to Sideload Kodi on FireTV.  (But you may also still sideload ES File Explorer and Kodi to have use of ES File Explorer, too ;)
Watch my YouTube video to put in Kodi FAST
Install Kodi on Fire TV with ES File Explorer

What do I do after I install Kodi in this little FireTV?

Install TVAddons (directions below) to obtain the latest and greatest streaming TV and movies on the FireStick.
Enable viewing of blocked pleased with IPVanish (60% off for KFireTV visitors).  Why?
Stop ISPs from throttling your streaming connections (yes, cash!)
Access blocked content without restrictions.  See how.
Keep 3rd parties from “spying” of what you’re streaming
Install a Fire TV launcher (AppStarter, formerly Firestarter)
Appstarter keeps your Kodi updated automatically.  Well, it a minimum of checks for updates and provides you a 1-click Update / Install option.  You can sideload this app to Kodi each and every other app.
Install a remote-control app (optional) like Yatse, the Kodi / XBMC remote to unlock the total Kodi interface.  Without utilizing a remote app or even a gamepad for Kodi, you might be losing a lot from the visual interface (by way of example, the Audio Options screen).
Get a gamepad for Kodi.  Check out your guide we have now for Fire TV Gamepads!  You will use this to navigate the Kodi dashboard, play classic games on awesome Fire TV emulators, and brag to any or all your friends (well probably not).    The Ouya Bluetooth gamepad for Kodi / Fire TV is the foremost Fire TV gamepad (it’s $39).
Install and this APPS!  We possess a guide only for that (Best Kodi Apps).  So check out your Best apps for Fire TV and commence playing now.
Get some very nice home theater accessories just like a soundbar to maximise your audio fidelity.
Play classic games in your FireStick, including retro games on consoles like:
Nintendo 64 (“N64”)
Super Nintendo Entertainment System (“SNES”)
Nintendo DS
Many others..
9.  Celebrate and get some very nice concert tickets from to discover a show!

How to Install TV Addons on Firestick

After you install Kodi on the FireTV, this is How to Install TVAddons:

Check out our guide on How to Install TVAddons on Kodi
How to Install TVAddons in Kodi

There are no less than 2 strategies to installing TVAddons on kodi fire stick:  Method A (Config Wizard) and Method B (AddOn Installer).

Method A:  Install TVAddons with Config Wizard

Monday, 12 September 2016

Flipbuilder flipbook software Helps You Delight Readers with Responsive Content

Bu the way, I am enjoying creating some funny online flipbook brochures and publishing online. I’m proud of the work I do and what I put out, but I have some big troubles. On one hand, editing and designing contents cost me much of time. But most of my time to editing is compact. I felt so stressed and frustrated on this thing. 

On the other hand, I can share my projects to all the people in the world. Because most of the website/ software I used are limited in this aspect. To be honest, all the flipping publications are my cup of tea, especially the digital flipping brochures. Simple texts and wonderful images can convert all the ideas of me. For this, I spend lots of time to find one free flipbook software  to help me delight readers with responsive contents.

It is so lucky that I’ve found it – Flipbuilder, the free and professional Flipbook Software for everyone. I think it the perfect software tailored for me. Of course what it offers are beyond your imagination. Now I am happy to dig a little deeper with you guys in

Interactive Design and Functions

1.Awesome templates and themes
You've never seen anything like this: tons of templates and themes for you, meaning that you can design a professional and amazing brochure with easy. So crazy! All of you can be a design genius.
There are various kinds of templates and themes which are suitable all your needs. There is always a will for you.

2.Powerful Animation Editor
No one but is shocked by this amazing function of Flipbuilder. With Animation Editor, you can wake up your brochure. Choose the contents needed, and add animation effects for them, give life to them. After these editing, your digital brochure must be the best of the best.

3. Super Page Editor
This is an editor enjoys similar strength to Animation Editor. It allows you to insert almost all multimedia into your brochure, music, videos, links, slideshow, shapes, hot spots and more. Never need to worry about the enjoyments of your digital brochure, because Page Editor makes everything work.

1)Publish digital brochure to local as formats of  HTML, ZIP and EXE, and you can send them via e-mail.

2)Embed the brochure into your websites.

3)Share them via SNS.